Silence Of The Lambs… ish

After a great weekend at the The Robin 2 its time for our usual review!
As you know we supported the magnificent Sex Pissed Dolls ( The Dolls ) with another top band, The Bitten.
The bitten opened with a great selection of energetic punk rock, a perfect introduction to the evening and great guys to chat with after the show!
Then it was our turn, opening with Slave Within, followed by a few new numbers and our next single release, I Said No. We only played six songs as we refuse to do corporate 3 minute specials, and Crasher, our drummer, almost remembered them all!!! All our songs went down a storm, so thank you all, including the Robin, for your support!
Then the main act, although they’re no act, The Sex Pissed Dolls mean business! As usual they took the roof off within 30 seconds of coming on stage! Awesome musicians, their own original music is brilliant and i promise you all, they’re setting themselves up nicely for big things!

With that in mind, we’d like to wish all of The Dolls the best of luck for their journey, was a pleasure to support them again and, hopefully, when they play Wembley, they’ll remember us when they ask for support!!! (Wink wink!!)

We’re back at the Robin in a couple of months, but we’ll announce that in due course!

Keep it purple, Purps!!!

Sex Pissed Dolls Support

With just over a month to go until our first ’16 gig, and plenty of new songs written over the winter, we thought it was time to catch up and start the announcements!

So as always, we’re pleased to announce our first show of the year is a headline set at…

Baseline – Live Music Venue on Feb 26th!

Our good friends from RiD and naked sunday will be supporting us plus one more band TBC!

Then its back to working on new songs until April when we’ll be proudly supporting more good friends of ours, the female punk phenomenon The Sex Pissed Dolls at The Robin 2 Bilston!!!

Ticket infor for both gigs to follow!!

This year is all about quality not quantity so far, but with more fingers in more pies, more announcements will be following in due course!!!

vivo o morto

Afternoon Purps!!!

So its post gig review time!!!
And today it’s being typed with a hang over, which pretty much says it all already…
First of all, a mahoosive thanks to everybody who bought a ticket and braved the cold to come n support us, we’d like to name you all but we’d be here all day!
We will put a shout out to Simon Cheshire though who organised a coach party over from Telford-shire-wood!! Cheers dude!!!
So as most of you know, we love playing The Robin 2, we get to support some great established bands and meet some proper cool people.
Last night was no different! Bon Giovi are a bunch of top guys and gave us some great feedback which was appreciated! And of course plenty of air guitar moments!!
Personally for us, we did have some tech issues which we’d like to apologise for but another big shout to Sean the sound guy, duckin n divin on the stage between us to sort the mics out! Never a great situation to be in but hey, thats rock n roll!!!
Overall, another top show! Great to have people in the audience asking for CD’s after we finished and even offering to pay when we were handing em out for free!!
That was probably our last gig this year, back to the studio now to write some new beauties!
We’re back at The Robin next year for sure but we’ll make an official announcement about when n who we’re supporting a bit closer to the date…
For now, thanks again for your support, its a pleasure to have you all on board!

Keep it purple, purps!!


Soap Covered Girls and Loaf of Meat

Moving on then!
After this weekends success we’re all feeling pretty motivated!
Alex & Neil went to see the mighty Foo Fighters last night, so they’ll be itching to get back in Shabby Road to play tonight.
Fletch has got a little video idea to accompany the acoustic track “Midnight train” (also on iTunes now) which we’ll record tonight. We’ll pop it YouTube as soon as…
Matty has a song idea to bring to the table, which we’ll hopefully look at in the coming sessions.
And Jonno is off to Germany to supply a bit of holiday cover for the touring “Maet Loaf”, one of the biggest Meat Loaf tribs in the UK, so we’d like to wish him good luck with that!
Gig wise, bit quiet now, nothing planned til we’re back at the Robin2 in November to support “Bon Giovi”, looking forward to that, but our calender is always subject to change, so if anything pops up sooner you’ll all be the first to know right here!
In the mean time, keep it PURPLE!!!

Fish eye anyone!?

So here’s our review of last nights events at the Robin2, trust me if you weren’t there, this will be a good read!!!We were on first, we had a good crowd considering the early slot and they were very receptive to our music! We’ve had some great feedback posted on our page which we always appreciate and we’re chuffed at the reaction to our new material… 

It was nice to see the Sex Pissed Dolls made the effort to stand and watch stage side too, much respect! 

So, a good start!

Second up were The SoapGirls, recently landed in the UK from Dubai, originally from South Africa and boy did they bring a stage show!!!

Serious attitude punk rockers, with an added twist of raw meat eating, fishes eye popping (no shit guys) and anything else that comes under the “pure debauchery” genre! (I may of just made that genre up!)

Backstage though, really cool chicks and a pleasure to (lick their raw) meet!

And finally the stars of the evening…

The Sex Pissed Dolls!!!!

For anybody who has not seen the dolls before, seriously, GO SEE EM! They are NOT just anothet covers/girl band, they ARE awesome!! 

All five of the Dolls are serious “serious” musicians, obviously with bags of experience and can work the crowd better than some of the major artists we’ve seen over the years! And again, backstage, really easy going and totally down to earth gals, with a real commitment to their music!

Matty had the pleasure of watching them from stage side with their manager for quite literally, a birds eye view, which he’s been very keen to bragg about since, so whoever let him up on stage, thanks (in a most sarcastic voice)!

All in all, what a cracking evening of music, fun, laughs and disgust, you had to be there and you really should be there next time any of the above gals are in town!!!

Welcome to our new followers, thank you for all the support, and anyone who spoke to us in person last night, from the crowd or from the backstage crew, it was great to meet you all!

Keep it purple, purps!