Review From The Robin 2

We are still busy writing and recording at Shabbey Road but here is a little review from our gig with the Sex Pissed Dolls at the Robin 2.

Here is our bit….

So we’re coming up to Christmas and what better way to celebrate than have five young ladies pounding out a mixture of punk classics and original songs. By the name you might be forgiven thinking that the Sex Pissed Dolls are just a bunch of girls playing at being a Sex Pistols tribute – but you’d be wrong, far wrong in fact. These girls can play, and they play very well indeed and despite the band’s name they play a totally mental mixture of good old fashioned punk classics mixed in with songs written by the band. All of which made for a mad night in Bilston.

Support on the night was provided by Purple Stereo, from just up the road in Willenhall, followed by The Bitten, from Wolverhampton.

Both bands brought their respective supporters along to swell the numbers and both supplied a mix of rock and punk delivered with much vim and vigour which was pretty bloody good.

Purple Stereo opened the proceedings with a set of half a dozen songs, all of which can be heard on Souncloud if you missed the gig or just fancy reminiscing. The band started with Dead Man’s Soul from the EP of the same name. The five songs that followed were all good, solid rock music that warmed the spirits on what was an otherwise dismal night outside. These lads have a very accomplished and likeable sound, nothing too extreme just good quality original music that’s easy to listen to. These are a band worth going to see if they play near you. The songs will all appear on their next album but not before they release their new single, I Said No, and supporting video which are in production right now. You can keep up with what the band are doing by visiting their website:

To read the full article hit the link below….

Keep it Purple!!


Fish eye anyone!?

So here’s our review of last nights events at the Robin2, trust me if you weren’t there, this will be a good read!!!We were on first, we had a good crowd considering the early slot and they were very receptive to our music! We’ve had some great feedback posted on our page which we always appreciate and we’re chuffed at the reaction to our new material… 

It was nice to see the Sex Pissed Dolls made the effort to stand and watch stage side too, much respect! 

So, a good start!

Second up were The SoapGirls, recently landed in the UK from Dubai, originally from South Africa and boy did they bring a stage show!!!

Serious attitude punk rockers, with an added twist of raw meat eating, fishes eye popping (no shit guys) and anything else that comes under the “pure debauchery” genre! (I may of just made that genre up!)

Backstage though, really cool chicks and a pleasure to (lick their raw) meet!

And finally the stars of the evening…

The Sex Pissed Dolls!!!!

For anybody who has not seen the dolls before, seriously, GO SEE EM! They are NOT just anothet covers/girl band, they ARE awesome!! 

All five of the Dolls are serious “serious” musicians, obviously with bags of experience and can work the crowd better than some of the major artists we’ve seen over the years! And again, backstage, really easy going and totally down to earth gals, with a real commitment to their music!

Matty had the pleasure of watching them from stage side with their manager for quite literally, a birds eye view, which he’s been very keen to bragg about since, so whoever let him up on stage, thanks (in a most sarcastic voice)!

All in all, what a cracking evening of music, fun, laughs and disgust, you had to be there and you really should be there next time any of the above gals are in town!!!

Welcome to our new followers, thank you for all the support, and anyone who spoke to us in person last night, from the crowd or from the backstage crew, it was great to meet you all!

Keep it purple, purps!